Save $84 on this portable power plant from Rocksolar
photo : Save $84 on this portable power plant from Rocksolar

When we talk about portable power, the first thing that comes to mind is the power bank for your laptop and mobile device.

They are invaluable if you ever find yourself running out of battery when trying to meet deadlines.

However, they are completely useless in life-threatening emergencies. You will need a larger solution when the power lines are down

Rocksolar Nomad RS650 power plant not much more expensive than portable charger

Rocksolar Nomad RS650 power plant not much more expensive than portable charger

But it is much better suited to give you a lifeline in an emergency or jolt of energy when you are on the road for long periods of time. 

Rocksolar Nomad is a lithium-ion polymer battery designed to provide reliable power whether you need it for work, emergencies or road trips.

With a continuous 400W air conditioning sine wave pure and a peak output of 600W, it can fully charge the phone 32 times, the drone 12 times, the camera 66 times or the laptop six or seven times.

This makes Rocksolar Nomad a great choice for RVs and mobile homes, providing electricity during camping trips, hiking tours, outdoor photography, and more.

In the event of a power failure, it is also a reliable backup resource. Plus, it has added short circuiting, overload and excessive battery charging protection. 

Touting 4.9 out of five stars in the Amazon, the power plant goes up to its name by providing reliable power while miles away from nearby outlets. 

Under the new normal state of long distance, Rocksolar Nomad provides you with an off-grid source of sustainability when your wanderlust sends you on a work adventure. 

You can use it to run air mattress pumps, fans and even mini refrigerators on the go.

Nomad makes this possible thanks to three AC outputs, two 12 volt DC outputs and three USB ports. 

Right now, you can get the Rocksolar Nomad RS650 400W Portable Power Station for $364, or $85 off. 

Advantages of Rocksolar Nomad RS650 power plant


40Ah / 11.1V (REAL 120000mAh, 3.7V) high-quality lithium-ion battery. A quiet generator with no fuel or gasoline needed, no smoke

no sound and no clang! It was founded in 2007 and a customer service support center in LAS VEGAS-USA.

ROCKSOLAR specializes in providing the best quality outdoor green solutions that can be used with your device while in recharge mode during outdoor activities.


The versatile port option powers a wide range of devices with different port options including fast charging. 

Various power outputs support your device, containing a 3*400W peak 600W AC 110V Pure sine wave inverter output output, 2* DC (9-12.6V/15A max) power output port, and 3* USB (5-9V/2.1A) Quick Charge 3.0 output port


Plug and play, easy and fast! Solar-ready generators are recharged with 60W or 100W ROCKSOLAR solar panels (SOLD SEPARATELY) in full sun

from AC Wall Outlet within 7-8 hours (including charging cables), or recharged from your carport (including charging cables) on the go. 

Long-lasting batteries are great for caves, night hiking, campsites, and roadside emergencies.

specifications of Rocksolar Nomad RS650 power plant

Battery Power 444Wh,40Ah/11.1V(EQ : 120000 mAh /3.7V)

High-Quality LiPolymer Batteries

Fully Charged Time DC 15V/6A: About 7~8 hours

Input Charging Adapter DC15V/6A

Solar Panel Input 12.5V~25V/6A Max

DC 12V Output 2 x DC  Output 9~12.6V/15A Max

1 x Cigarette Lighter  9~12.6V/10A(15A Max)

AC Output 110V/60Hz±5%, Pure Sine Wave

AC Plug Support 3x US Outlet

USB Output 3x USB 5V/2.1A

Operation Temperature -10℃ - 40℃

Lifecycle 500 times

Multi Safety Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Current Protection

Over-Voltage Protection

Low-Voltage Protection

Overload Protection

Over-Temperature Protection


Save 85 with portable nomd  you can get many advantages on top

At just 11 LBS, take this ligth power suplly with you anywhere.

Use with devices under 400W for camping, hiking, fishing, off-grid life, tailgating, emergencies, traveling, hunting, road trips, RV/VAN life, and trailers.

Power reserves for smartphones, drones, cameras, tablets, laptops, USB-powered CPAP machines (25 hours) & CPAP (7-8 hours), blenders, pellet smokers, air purifiers, remote work, air pumps, 12V kettles, 12V coffee makers, GPS, GoPro, power tools, fans &mini refrigerators

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