Why Is My Portable AC Not Working ? Here`s why

Why Is My Portable AC Not Working ? Here`s why

Since the official release of portable ac and mass production, there have now been many who use it to countless usersbut over time

after a long time the use of portable ac, suddenly became not working? of course it will make you hassle

especially when the air is hot and you need a cooler. You don't have to worry or panic, because it's natural

There are several basic reasons that cause portable ac not working

therefore recognizing the cause of the problem is the first step to make your portable ac back to work as it was all before

Identify the origin of the problem

It is not new to the damage to each electronic device, considering the cooling equipment that continues to be pungsikan without rest

making the life of your portable ac does not last and the appearance of possible damage

There are many causes of this occurrence, but in general portable air conditioners that do not work as in general because there is interference from the inside, but can not be sure until thoroughly examined carefully.

Here are some causes of ac portable not working


It is not new if suddenly the leak in your cooler, so it becomes one of the main causes of portable ac not working

so after all this time you pass it, still can not cool your room

The leak that I mean here is on the inside, therefore it is better to know more clearly which part is leaking you can try to check by unpacking the inside of your portable ac, but that's not what we recommend if you are a beginner

It would be safer if you leave it to the experts to avoid the possibility of unwanted occurrence

and it will be easier if compared to doing it yourself without understanding the basic inside of portable ac


blockage in the aqueduct

Portable ac is a tool that works to cool the room by sucking hot air and producing cold air, slowly the air in the room will begin to turn cold.


Waterways help in the cooling process, therefore, the aqueduct is one of the liquid objects needed by portable ac to work optimally


If you feel the cold that it generates is not optimal, or does not work at all, try to check the waterways

because there is also the possibility of portable ac not working due to clogging of waterways

Usually the reason is that the dust that has accumulated due to never cleaned, therefore routinely in cleaning your portable ac to be more durable.


Broken water pump                                           

If your ac is old, there may be damage to the water pump

Usually occurs due to rarely cleaned or never at all, if you often use and pass the cooler

then the more dirt such as dust in the air in your room that has been filtered


Although it has been equipped evapolator that serves to filter dust so that it does not get dirty quickly

still if left for a long period of time, dust that does not work in the filter will be piled up.


Damage to the compressor

Compressor serves to regulate other circulation related to cooling, if this compressor has been damaged

can be ensured portable ac units your not working


It can happen due to several factors, ranging from a long age in use, rooting, and the end of leakage


your resources are too low

portable ac is a type of coolant that requires a power source, if the attraction produced is greater than the power source in your home

there is a possibility that this cooling unit can not produce cool air, and could even be electricity in your house suddenly dead


it could happen to a new home that buys these cooling units without taking into account the minimum resources needed

although portable ac are a more resource-efficient cooling model, but still require a minimum of resources in order to work optimally

those are some common reasons for the question why is my portable ac not working


there are many other possibilities, but can not be denied if all the above possibilities can happen, considering the air conditioners are continuously operated

so it's not impossible, if you continue to use these cooling units endlessly, and suddenly it doesn't work as usual


my advice if your cooler is experiencing problems such as not being able to cool the air

immediately use the services of people who provide repair services that are experienced in repairing the air conditioning unit


Is there a way how to avoid the possibility of portable ac not working?

Of course there is, but this is just an effort to avoid the occurrence of things like the above

not to make sure to avoid the things mentioned above, at least if you do this way, your portable ac will be more durable and not quickly damaged


There are several steps in keeping your portable ac not quickly damaged, but so far we only do 3 steps that we think are efficient enough to prevent damage, namely:


Why Is My Portable AC Not Working ? Here`s why

1. Clean regularly

So far cleaning it from dust regularly is one of the most efficient ways of doing maintenance of portable ac

but cleaning is not only limited to ac units, the room where you put this cooling unit also needs to be cleaned

so that when you activate it and the units start to cool your room, the air filtration stage is not too much dust to be sucked in

clean compressor parts, evapolators, water pumps and other places that are often exposed to dust


2. Use it only when you need it

Excessive use causes your portable ac age is not long and quickly damaged, imagine if you operate it continuously without stopping, even leaving it on without ever turning it off even when you are out

we are sure, at least portable ac you will only be 2 years old, even only 1 year, after which will not work anymore


you must remember, the machine also needs to rest, if the use has missed the limit and Continuous, then you do not be surprised if suddenly your portable ac does not work


3, put it in a safe place

Unlike the split ac that is locked so that it blends into the wall, you do not have to watch it just because you are worried about it happening like falling and others


Very different from portable ac that can be moved easily, the possibility of falling and crash is still there, therefore it is better to put it in a place that you think is safe from being hit by a fall or a heavy object fall


Just in case you try to avoid the reach of children, you must understand the nature of a child who is always curious about something in front of him

traits that tend to make him want to play it, even if he's a kid, he's allowed to play with your portable ac without being watched

most likely to fall cooling units, entah sebab di naikinya, You already know that a little boy likes to ride something interesting to him.


If you really pay attention to the 3 things above, almost can be sure your portable ac will be healthy and work when in oprasikan



When you save up to buy the things you need, of course you will be very happy when you succeed and have them, but the disappointment of damage or suddenly not working as it should also happen if you do not take good care of it


We have explained all the reasons that cause portable acunits not working and how to avoid it

now that you know it and can be careful in maintaining your cooler


Each electronic is certainly going to suffer damage, but it all depends on the user, if wise in maintaining it, then not only cooling units, even all electronic devices you have will be able to last a long time

not bored we repeat to remind, if you find any damage as described above on your portable ac, immediately use a service provider, do not want to fix it without any experts if you do not want any new damage
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