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Cooling the garage is quite difficult, in some cases it is very complicated, not even possible, if only relying on a portable air conditioning.

Even if you use units that have a strong cooling pressure, it will still be difficult

but it can be overcome with 4 steps to cool the garage with portable air conditioning

Take a look at all the guides we share about cooling the garage using this portable air conditioner

As mentioned earlier, the garage is a room that is quite difficult to cool right, much different from the room in the house such as a bedroom

although it is fairly large square size and length, the air in the room remains easier to change to fresh.

The reason? Easy, the room in the house like a room is more closed, so that the cold air produced by cooling units will collect in one room and not come out. 

As a result, the room that was hot turned cold, the cause is cold air produced by portable air conditioning continuously collected until it fills the room.  

Very different in the appeal of the garage, although it has a much smaller width than rungan, the heat pressure inside the garage greatly affects the success rate in cooling using portable ac units. 

If we pay attention, cooling the garage is not as easy as cooling the room in the house.

Because it requires more performance on units, if you really want to cool the garage, do the following 4 Steps to Cool the Garage with Portable Air Conditioning: 

1. Closing the wind road hole

The first step in cooling the garage using portable air conditioning is to isolate it. 

As you know, the garage is a rungan that tends to have many gaps or wind roads, this is the cause of the difficulty of cooling the car storage area using a portable air conditioner.

Even so, it is still possible if you close the garage meeting to a minimum,

close the garage door, try to close the hole or wind gap so that there is no wind gap left except a little that you can not close

However, even if you let the place out and the inflow of the wind, it will affect the performance of your portable ac heavier. 

Look at your garage door, is it closed? also pay attention to all wind exits such as ventilation or small gaps, do not leave ventelation open, close everything tightly.

Illustration of images for closing the wind road hole
Illustration of images for : closing the wind road hole

The point like this, the more isolated the garage, the cold air produced by portable air conditioning in it will increase to be more effective compared to the open because of the gap. 

This is because, when the garage is not tightly closed and has a slight gap that is allowed 

the cold air produced by portable air conditioners is not restrained, and will automatically come out of the hole gap, while hot air continues to enter it.

Then this is the basis for the difficulty of cooling the car room. 

2. pay attention to the time to start using portable ac 

You certainly understand, the closer the sun, the hotter the air will be.

The use of portable air conditioning in the garage when the hot sun is at the peak of the heat, it is very clear that it will be very difficult to turn the air into cold. 

For example, you have portable ac units, but the heat from the air in the garage is much higher than the ability of performance specifications.

then your portable units will not be able to cool, because the air heat continues to increase, while your BTU is still below standard. 

Although your BTU is above standard to refresh from the heat load, still, the cold air produced will not be able to last long and the air will heat up quickly

and portable ac you need to work again, when this is continuously repeated, the forced performance will affect the occurrence of damage to the compressor.

3. Activate multiple portable air conditioners at the same time 

You can ignore the hotter air load than your units, even if this is the case of the garage. 

If you activate more than 1 portable air conditioner, even up to 3 units at a time, even though the heat load from the sun weather is at the top, it will still be cold.

Activate multiple portable air conditioners at the same timeIllustration of images for : Activate multiple portable air conditioners at the same time

in addition to portable air conditioning you avoid damage when used in the garage

you will also easily and quickly cool the garage. 

But understand, doing this way will cost a certain amount, and take more energy.

apart from the waste of cost for portable air conditioning, if you really want coolness in your garage, there is no harm in doing this way. 

in addition to success, also avoid the age of the compressor that shortens 

4. provide a hot air exhaust line for portable air conditioning

The way portable air conditioners work is to take hot air in the room, and replace it with cold air.

Because it is very important to provide a special gap in the garage for portable hoses

If you do not want to bother, you can use the garage door by opening it a little. 

But that is not the best answer, you should benefit the window in the garage if there is, if there is none 

then you have to make a gap in the wall.   

Conclusion to 4 Steps to Cool the Garage with Portable Air Conditioning

make a hole with a minimum size so that it is only enough for the passage of hot air exhaust pipes

Most likely you will succeed in cooling the garage if you do 4 Steps to Cool the Garage with portable Air Conditioning above.

But before I need to remind you, the important point in doing the 4 things above is that you have made sure that your garage is isolated. 

If not, even if you try various ways, it will still be very difficult, and I do not recommend forcing the desire to cool the garage that is not isolated using portable air conditioning.

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